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About Stoneground Flour


Stoneground flour is a great way to get the full nutritional benefits of the wheat grain.


When you grind the whole grain you get the full vitamin load from the wheat, the wheat germ and the bran, all the alkaline part of the grain and the acid part making the flour 75% alkaline and 25% acid.


We grow our own wheat chemical free. This gives us high protein flour. We find that weedicide and chemical fertilisers grow plants that are out of balance, great for tonnage but the quality slips back. When we are relying on the plants to make nectar for our bees, we need all the plants on the farm to make nectar. Weedicide blocks the plant’s ability to bring sugars up, so if we use weedicide our bees would starve.


We hope you try our flour to make your own bread that keeps you going till lunch time. It is good value.



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